There was a hair tickling my nose

Hanging from my head

I took a big breath to blow it away

But right back on the tip it landed

That annoying little sucker

I pull it to the side lick a finger like my mother use to do and lather it to my head

Phew finally

But no it couldn’t resist my nose

It dried and landed right back where it belongs or so it thinks

I sneezed and itched my nose

I wrapped this rogue hair around my finger

And yanked it

Relief finally

At this rate I may need a wig in the future


27 thoughts on “Itchy

      1. The weather sucks and I got socked twice today.Had to talk to my evil queen stepmother ad I couldn’t ignore her phone calls any longer but I’m fine😎at the moment I am Painting my toes and hoping one of my dogs won’t sit on them as usual leaving a stripe of fur on top of the freshly applied varnish😱😂

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        1. Hahahaha lol that’s sounds familiar. Today is the only day the sun has shined with a decent temperature here. But that could change at anytime. Lol I’m glad you survived the phone call.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I developed wide shoulders over the years and the mute bottom on the phone always helps too🤣🤣🤣🤣have a good rest of the day…..I’m on my way to crash on the sofa 😃

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