His Own Prison

Licking bloody knuckles

And shriveled and removed ducts

Inhaled victims screams

Blood, skin, DNA sampled evidence

Release only reached by plunging and pushing of blades

By cutting of breath

Freedom from his own prison is stealing of life

His demons hold the strings

They paint his body as he orgasms to the blood he so desperately seeks

The asylum is his destiny but hell is his home


You Ok?

Ominous position discarded

Smiling buzzards salivating above

This Patmos perch reveals sins six feet down


Barter “given” for desperate “wants”

Those things will not ask “you ok?”

This Patmos perch where prophecy birthed

“Ye shall not surely die” rings to and fro

Only darkness shone and no new moon desired

This faiths drop for the fall one last time

No savior for the fool that’s says there is no God

Stella has Bumped Her Head

But I’m a lady I say

An old one embellished with my own earned winkles

Sitting here all cuddled up

Asking my magic 8 ball the right questions

She’s so vague with answers like “mostly likely” or “signs point to yes”

Ahh she’s so indecisive

But I sit here reading words as though

The worlds best 21st century poet guided the pen

Ahhh I seek old poetry to sooth my broken soul

Those well crafted verses spilled from a heavily inked quill

Words that aren’t meant for my big chief

Attempts to build confidence falls short

As long as Snapchat selfies are smokin

Lol everyone is a super model on Snapchat


Here I Stand

I stand on the edge of the Pacific

Stroking my golden wings

Examining my sparkle

Feeling the warmth from my burnt mold

Casting a net far and wide

Mourning each heavy speck

Celebrating every survivor

Inspecting their cage

Sifting through the elite

Narrowing them down to an eternal joy and endless love

Spicy Little Redheads

I stepped on your bed and stood a while

Innocently not knowing what a grievous mistake that would be

You secretly sent out your army

Fighting a sneak attack you won your battle

You spicy little redheads

Twenty little bites on my size nine

Two on my big toe, three on the one that went to market, that little one is crying wee wee wee all the way home

Ohh your fiery little temper is being felt now

Ohh how the itch is unbearable

I scratch and scratch

Yeah you won your battle

Here in my bed I clearly see it was a battle I could not win.

Raising my white flag😜

I Lost My Voice

I lie here in bed

Wanting to text

But I’ve lost my voice

I thought about trying to write a sonnet

I can think of no ten syllable lines

Maybe I’m just bored again

I thought about going an looking at the stars in my jammies

But I don’t like mosquitoes

I’m anxious as usual

Antsy, maybe it’s the night

Miss my BB

I thought bout when I lost my voice

It seemed to go the same place my money went.

How ironic

I’m weird

I guess that is why I like weird people

They are more fun

I should be working on a lesson plan

But I’m a procrastinator

Gotta keep myself on my toes

Cuz I like to tiptoe like a ballerina

See I am weird

Wish I could find my voice I know it has something great to say.

Tingling Numbness

That tingling numbness that I seek comes so easily in slippery sweaty moments with you

The strength of your hands, body and mind capture my every thought

You hold me firmly and I kiss you softly

My full breast and ass were crafted for your grip

You move, I move, we move in perfect intertwining passion

Your stubble is drawn to my tender skin

Push harder to feel my showers of sweat tea baby

Your lips and tongue here and there

My mouth belongs on your body

Tasting you, smelling you, licking you, biting you, loving you endlessly

My body is yours, I am yours and yours only

Invincible Blaze- lyrics by Stella Bailey & Braeden Michaels

(1st Verse)
I saw seeds fly from your mouth
I knew they would grow in my heart
I saw a glimpse of your broken rainbow
I saw the moon crumble
And felt all the chards
Your eyes dance with my soul in a different time
A scale that is low
And to the beat of my heart
I saw a shadow of the hurricane
I saw our melody from the start

I saw fire and flame in sight
I saw an invincible blaze
I saw storm and flame unite
I saw our worlds forever change

(2nd Verse)
I stood in your shadow
Tracing your tongue
Caressing your edges
Watching me come undone
Touching every scar
Gravitating to all of you
Kissing every curve
Embracing all of the truth


From the moment of your lips
From the moment of our love
From the moment of time
From the moment of our touch
From your moment of your strength
From the moment of our desire
From the moment of your soul
From the moment of our fire

:Braeden Michaels

Love is Blooming

I love the feel of new love

It’s like the first jump in a pool in summer time

Or the first drop of a rollercoaster

It’s like facing the sky during driven rain

Its butterflies before a first date

Or riding a bike down a steep hill

It’s a first kiss in the dark

It’s unexpected fireworks

And that is the feeling that everyone seeks to keep alive

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